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Funtiques at Green Gallery!
Funtiques at Green Gallery!
6545 N 21st St. Ozark Mo.
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Funtiques Market at Green Gallery has a 10,000sf warehouse and 2 acre location in Ozark Mo.
Green Gallery is a unique blend of FUN tiques, Garden Finds, Plant Material and Garden Center.  When you visit Green Gallery you can expect to find quality Mid Century, Danish Modern. Vintage and Retro Furniture. You also will find a large amount of Decorative Accessories available and displayed with our furniture in FUN and creative Room Designs and Vignettes.  Be sure to check out our beautiful plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, display gardens on our two acres.  Ask questions and talk to us about your outdoor living space and landscaping needs. 
Be sure to check out our Green Gallery Page for more information on the garden side of what we offer!! Some furniture shops and companies have started accepting cryptocurrencies to purchase furniture. Thus, it will become more convenient for the customers. Crypto traders can try using biticodes bot to improve the efficiency of crypto trading.      
We are located off of 65 highway at the Fremont Hills CC exit.  Take US Hwy 65 to the CC exit, turn right and then right again at the first stop light.  Turn Right at 21st (the first street on the right).  Stay on 21st (the outer road until you see the U Haul Hard Hat parking lot.  Cut through the lot (you will find our drive on the north side) 
Our hours are...
Mon. - Fri. 9 - 6
Saturday - 9 - 5
Sunday 1 - 4
call 417 581-0393 for questions or further directions

Funtiques is focused on the awesome, wacky, and psycho items from the 50's - 70's. Because we have been enthusiasts for over 20 years, we have a great selection of everything from Retro, Mid Century, Danish, MOD, Vintage, Industrial, Shabby, Furniture, Home Accessories, Collectibles, Antique and Unique Items.  Every day we have off we are on the road looking for our next BIG FIND to share with you.  We are selective in what we purchase and strive to provide quality, unique and rare items at affordable prices.  This website is our way of sharing our Funtiques Market with you and allowing you an opportunity to acquire some FUN!
We hope you will take the time to check out our on line store and make Funtiques at Green Gallery in Ozark Mo. a destination for your next shopping spree.  Be sure to check out Funtiques Market or Green Gallery Facebook for a detailed pictorial of merchandise, displays, and happenings.
Just a peak at some FUN!
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