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Welcome to Funtiques
This page is a work in process...
Funtiques is offering you an opportunity to purchase some FUN at a great price via our Silent Auction.  Here is how the auction works...
>  LISTING - Funtiques will provide a description and
    photos of each item available.  Items will have a  
    starting and closing date and time.    
>  STARTING PRICE - Funtiques will offer items on this
    "Silent Auction" page at a starting bid price. 
>  BIDS - Bids must be at a $1.00 or more increments.
    (example $20.00 starting price, this next bid must
     be $21.00 or more.)
    If you would like to offer a bid....
     please email us using our "Contact Funtiques"
     page on this website only.  We will add your bid to
    the existing price based on the order we receive the 
    "bid emails". 
    If you offer the same bid as another
    person the email bid we receive first will be the
    excepted bid. 
          We will contact you if your bid was not excepted
          so you can try again. 
   You must submit your name with your email bid.
    All names and email addresses are confidential 
    and will not be shared.
>  WINNING THE AUCTION - All winning bids will be
    contacted via email after the auction has expired.
>  PAYMENT - If you enter the winning bid you have 24
    hours to contact Funtiques with your form of   
        We offer paypal on this web site.  If we do not
        hear from you the item will be offered to the 
        next bidder. 
>  SALES TAX - A rate of (7.6) Springfield Mo. sales tax
     rate will be be added to all items in the auction. 
>  PICKING UP ITEMS - Please note that all items are
   to be picked up from funtiques within 3 days of the 
   closing of the auction.
        We hope to add shipping items as an option in 
        the future for smaller select items at an  
        additional cost to the purchaser.
Example Auction
Item 01
Starting Bid ($20.00)
Auction Starting date July 22 at 10:30am
Auction Closing date July 27 at 10:30am
The next bid needs to be emailed to Funtiques via this websites "Contact Funtiques" page.  The bid must be at least 21.00 or more.
Winning Bid (38.00) tax (2.89)
Total price (40.89)
Funtiques will contact the winning bid via email.  Payment options are paypal on this website or Cash/ Master/Visa at Funtiques Market in Springfield Mo.
All items need to be paid for within 24 hours and picked up within 3 days. 
Vintage Sunglasses
Awesome Vintage Sunglasses marked Italy in great condition.
*Auction Beginning Price and Starting Date to be announced soon
Vintage Sunglasses
Vintage Sunglasses marked Italy
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