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A Fun Vintage Baby Shower!

Posted on December 15, 2015 at 1:59 PM Comments comments (52)
Vintage Baby Shower!!

Last Summer a Mother came to me and asked about Green Gallery being the venue for her daughters Baby Shower.  She had expressed how much her daughter loved Vintage and thought Green Gallery would be the perfect place for the gathering.  She also wanted me to decorate and come up with a take home gift for the guests.  

Every table was set with vintage linens, dishes, flower pots and decor.  
Prior to the shower I set each table to see how it would look.  This picture is minus the drinking glasses,  tableware and centerpiece plant.

    Several of the tables had scrabble boards with words like      baby boy. precious, the Mamma's name....

Each Table had Vintage Toys, fun Scrabble Words and of course Flowers and Lemon Cypress plants as center pieces.

I also used vintage blocks to spell out messages for the tables

I came up with this crazy idea to use vintage baby shoes as a succulent planter for the guest gift.  I really did not think it would be as hard as it was to locate 30 shoes for the project.  If you decide to do this project be sure to give yourself plenty of time to hunt for the shoes. 

I took the laces out and separated the shoes and spray painted the shoes colors that would match the vintage table clothes.  

Several coats of paint, ribbon laces and the shoes were ready for dirt and succulent cuttings.  I also added a few pebbles so you would not see the dirt in the finished shoe. 

The shoes turned out great and everyone was excited to take their little guest gift home.

It was a fun project and hopefully a beautiful memory for those who attended.